My HR Website Project Story

Create and Enjoy.

We are supposedly the first civilization to be bored for a large part of the day. I mean, I’m not talking about people in Africa, I’m talking about the Western world where we have everything we can think of. And we have a lot of free time, and that’s why we’re bored. We don’t know how to fill it with active recreation, we don’t have any hobbies. We don’t have to fight every day for a dollar to survive until the next morning.

We struggle with not knowing what to do with our free time. And to keep myself from getting bored, I decided to give myself a personal challenge. No, I don’t want to run a marathon, I don’t want to climb Matherhorn, I don’t want to run down every country in the world. I want to make a site that gets 10,000 people a day. It’s about human resource management.

So, I would successfully have the dream and the vision. But it’s harder than I thought. It’s not my full-time job. And there’s a lot of competition. Hundreds of new articles about human resource management appear every day. All fighting for their place in the sun. So why should I? And that’s how I discovered the magic of SEO.

They say content is king. Only, he also needs a decent army around him to really act like a king. Fortunately, that army doesn’t have to be very big. The only problem is that it’s usually very expensive. And that’s what led me to why I started this sales blog.

I write here about how I found my way through cheap SEO. And the cheapest data is the data that’s free. And those are ours. I made a little app to help me better understand the data that Google provides for free.

Yes, Google Search Console is a great tool, it’s just hard to use it well. So I wrote an app that tells me where I stand every day. If I’m improving, if my new keywords are working. And so on.

So this blog is about two topics:

  1. Inexpensive and simple SEO
  2. How I’m making progress with my website and what helps me do it (techniques, tools)

Because it’s easy to become a slave to SEO, but then the enthusiasm, motivation and joy fades from your work. It’s better to create according to basic principles that work. No one enjoys constantly tweaking something and not adding a single new page.

Also, SEO tools are generally expensive. Yes, they cost around a hundred dollars a month, but that’s $1,200 a year and it adds up to a hefty sum over ten years. That’s why I like the pay-and-own approach. And that’s why I offer my solution to others, too, for 89€ and you don’t have to think about paying any more.

I made the app so that I can give myself short-term, measurable and achievable goals. I like being able to check something off the list that’s done. And I believe I’m not the only one who likes to have it done for the day.

I also don’t want to become a slave to SEO and my goals. I like to keep an eye on them and I like to see them succeed on their own. And I wish the same for everyone else.

So - let’s dig into the creative stuff.