My HR Website Project Story

Set the right, measurable and achievable goals

Being happy in life is hard. We have so many things and experiences we wish we had. But time is short and money is tight. Someone wants to be an insta-star, someone just wants to be a happy parent, someone wants to be rich and someone wants to enjoy life above all. There is no one set of goals that works universally for everyone. It’s the same when I want to make my own website, but it’s mostly just a hobby for me.

I won’t deny that I work in human resource management. There, goal setting is a big science that can keep an entire company busy for several weeks out of the year. Even when I look at my website traffic statistics, goal setting makes up a significant percentage. (I’ll save the actual percentage for a future post).

On the other hand, setting the wrong goals can destroy all motivation and enthusiasm, and the project ends up abandoned. No one wants to work on something that goes nowhere and our dreams don’t come true. If I tell myself that I want to have a website that will be one of the top five most visited within a year, I’ll probably fail. Because it’s not realistic or achievable. It’s a dream that definitely needs more time than just one year.

The Internet is not a blue ocean with room for everyone. There’s a fight for life on the reefs every day. There are only a few billion of us and we are all fighting for our place in the sun. Everyone’s minutes are finite. When someone rises, someone else must fall. And he may not like it and may fight against it. And he probably will, because it’s about money.

Having good SEO can help, but it can’t work miracles. We can bet on a really marginal topic where we’ll be king, but still the overall traffic won’t be worth anything. Or we can choose the wrong keywords where we’ll be king again, but the whole thing won’t work.

High traffic is not a good goal. It’s always good to start from motivation. Why am I doing all this and why should people want to visit my website. Then it goes away on its own. It’s not about how many people come, it’s about me enjoying my creative moments. It’s just about strategic thinking and planning.

Generally, planning is where 60% of the time ends up being spent. The rest is just executing the plan. With a good plan, it goes better and there’s no need to keep going back. Just figuring out what the structure of the site is going to be, where what page goes, that takes a lot of time. And it’s not good to do it by trial and error.

SEO doesn’t help much in this, it’s more about a prudent approach. Whoever has a plan will win in the end. It’s slow at first, but it moves forward consistently.

That was my first painful experience - starting over and over again.

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