My HR Website Project Story

Personal SEO Dashboard Benefits

Why do I trust Personal SEO Dashboard?

Google Search Console is an excellent tool to help understand how Google sees my website. It helps to find the blind spots that need to be removed. It’s just not very easy to work with. It has limitations, both in time and the amount of keywords that can be downloaded into Excel.

That’s why I wrote the Personal SEO Dashboard, so I could do my own SEO research. And most importantly, so I don’t have to pay several hundred dollars a month for sophisticated services that I won’t use anyway.

Key Benefits


Personal SEO Dashboard doesn’t tell you how to find the right way to increase traffic at all. It has its own set of ready-made reports, but it also supports simple user-defined searches. You can start from pages on the site or from keywords. Or combine both approaches. And it’s always easy to start over.

No limitation to a thousand keywords

Google Search Console limits most listings to a thousand results. Screw that limitation, feel free to pull your entire database into Excel. Isn’t that great?

You own your data

Your data needs to be yours and yours alone. You don’t share it with anyone else. Only Google and you know where you stand. Nothing gets sent anywhere. And unless you wipe your database, that data is yours forever.

You see and analyze the entire history

Want to see what it looked like a year ago? Go ahead, if you were already downloading data at the time, you’re not in trouble. You see, the earlier you invest, the longer your data history will be.

Text and image search in one view

Google Search Console strictly separates text and image searches. There’s nothing easier than combining them back together. At a glance, you’ll see which words work great in text but completely fail in images. Isn’t that great?

Simple export to Microsoft Excel

Anything can be saved to Microsoft Excel in one click. Sometimes there’s nothing like just playing with data in Excel. So just download the report and go play. Discover new possibilities. Make sure you’re on the right track.

Simple database structure

Personal SEO Dashboard has a simple and straightforward database structure. Whenever something specific is needed, it’s no problem to write a simple SQL query and get exactly what you’re looking for.