My HR Website Project Story

Your Personal SEO Dashboard!

SEO is fast becoming big business today. Any website that targets high or precisely targeted traffic needs to continuously monitor how it is doing. Even the answer to the simple question of whether my site is growing or declining is not straightforward. Yet it’s essential if I set myself an ambitious goal. Visitors won’t come to the site on their own, they must have a reason to click on a link in the search results.

There are a lot of tools for analyzing keyword positions, finding them and gaining some competitive advantage. They are mostly complex and most importantly, they are also very expensive. Their services are in demand and Google doesn’t give much free advice. However, paying $100 a month is not something everyone can afford.

Basic SEO stats on one page

I solved it my way. I gathered my meager knowledge of PHP, studied how the Google Search Console API works, and decided to download the data that belongs to me. And gradually it grew until it became my personal SEO Dashboard See some benefits and how it works.

I have a small server running it all. I found an old Intel NUC, installed Ubuntu, started the server services and it’s been running ever since. Once a day it downloads a fresh batch of data and prepares a basic report for me. And for that, it also does keyword searches to see how each page is doing, and for selected keywords, once a month it downloads stats from Google Search. Of course, I pay a little for this.

Does traffic to my site grow?

It started as a simple script. And it became my SEO tool. It shows me clearly side by side how a given word is doing in text and image searches. Where it stands in the overall rankings. And also how that word has fared in the past.

It helps me find those little nuggets of gold that I need to nurture to grow my traffic.

It’s simple, but it works for me. SEO can be complicated, but it can be simple too.

And it all costs 89€. Paid once, no regular monthly payments. And it can run for years without having to pay a single extra cent. You can buy it here.